Exposição: Para ti, meu amor / For you, my love

For some people Valentine’s Day may seem to be an excuse of sellers to make people buy and consume even more than they do, but actually there is History related to the day chosen for the celebration of the in loved ones. That is why the team of teachers working in the library decided to exhibit the legend of Valentine’s day and also the myth of Cupid. So, if you still think that Valntine’s Day is just a day for business,  enrich your cultural background and get to know a bit more about the Saint who married couples.
The team of teachers counted on the help of Classes CEF Eletricista de Mautenção and Administração for the  decoration of the library.
Some students do not enjoy writing so much, others simply consider Valentine’s Day ridiculous, but others proved that perhaps there is not a better topic to write about than love.  Well, at least some students in the classes 10ºTIG, TAGD, TCM1 and CEF proved that, by writing interesting poems in Portuguese and also in English. Students from classes 10ºE and 10º C1 also joined in, either writing in Portuguese or in English.
 In the name of all the teachers who participated in the celebration of Valentine’s day, I would like to leave some words to these students:
Congratulations on your inspiration and effort to make this day a bit more meaningful for  the school community. It is very rewarding to see our students producing something with enthusiasm!

The teacher: Susana Nassa